Lets Start at the Beginning. A very good place to start.

05 Jul

I recently went on vacation with my kids, my parents and my sister and her 3 kids.   The next few entries are a recounting of the 4 days we spent at Brule View Lodge in/near Plevna, Ontario.  Kind of a stupid thing to start blogging about, right?  Who the fuck cares about my lame family vacation?  Well fuck you.  My wife cares because she couldn’t make the trip with us.  5 hours in a vehicle with me and our 2 shit demon kids is enough to give me heart palpitations too.  So this is for her.  Not for you.  Dick.

I’ll probably be posting the entries one per day for all 4 days.  But I am a super lazy plug so we’ll see.  I might end up doing it once per week and making this shit last for 4 weeks.  Wouldn’t you like that?  Well again, fuck you.  Its still not about you.

And in case you missed it in the first few 2 paragraphs above, I like to swear.  I think its funny.  I don’t care what you think.  Also, if you are a family member of mine that happens to read this and are insulted or offended, I’m sorry.  Its supposed to be funny so keep that in mind before you get pissed off at me.  ITS ALL IN GOOD FUN.  Besides I’m pretty sure I insult myself/my own kids more than anything.

Also to stop any confusion before it starts, this vacation happened like 2 weeks ago.  I’m back home and still recovering from the last day of that trip.  I still can’t lift my arms over my head without pain.  Anyway enough attempted rambling to make this initial blog post seem substantial.  Sweet dreams you filthy animals.

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